WBS Coding

Easily Input and Change WBS Codes in WBS Schedule Pro

WBS Schedule Pro automatically generates WBS Codes based on the structure of your project but also makes it super easy to create your own coding structure. Simply type in a WBS code at any Level of the project and this code will then propagate down the tree. There is no need to define a "Mask" (but you can), WBS Schedule Pro does it for you. You can even enter a partial WBS Code and WBS Schedule Pro will figure out the rest as in the following example.

(automatically generated WBS Codes)

(Custom WBS Codes)

Edit WBS Codes anywhere you see them. The Task Sheet is a convenient way to update your codes...

Supports WBS Code Masks

WBS Schedule Pro also supports WBS Code Masks where you define the specific structure of your WBS Codes. This forces WBS Schedule Pro to automatically create the WBS Codes conforming to these specifications or when manually entered, the WBS Codes must match the mask.